Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Luxury hotels in Florence have stood out over the years to be outstanding for enjoying satisfactory and dream-come-through getaways. It provides guests with breathtaking and awesome experiences that set a new standard for the city.

Florence is the capital city of Italy and is known as one of Italy’s most populous cities to visit. Not only is Florence the art capital of the world, but It is also a delightful city with freeways to stroll, towers to ascend, and tremendous places to go shopping.

The city is awash with a lot of art and carefully preserved ancestry. Blending 14th-century artistry with the natural magnificence of the region, the startling city has attracted a variety of notables, from Justin Bieber to Julia Roberts to Kim Kardashian and Kanye west.

Are you pondering the best perfect spot for your next getaway? We got you covered. This piece contains the top 10 best luxury hotels in Florence.

The Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Florence

1. Hotel Calimala

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Calimala is one of the top luxury hotels in Florence that offers guests a phenomenal experience. This luxurious property offers an exclusive roof bar and eatery with the most dramatic view; 24-hour concierge services and 38 spacious and luxurious rooms, beautifully designed with a high-quality print and masterpiece by international skill and talent.

Located in the heart of the historic centre of Florence this amazing hotel is housed in the sixteenth-century palazzo Degli Angeli, well-recognised as the home of genius, a true compendium of trendy art where immerse yourself in every moment of your day in Florence.

2. Salviatino

This luxury hotel is located on the rolling hills of Fiesole and ranks among the best luxury hotels in Florence that offer the most stunning vistas of Florence.

Salviatino is a charming spot with its 40 separately decorated compartments and suites. Each room is saturated with tea roses’ exotic elegance.

Immersed in the green hills with stunning relaxing vistas you can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, an excellent area to daydream while you are lying just 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Florence. This luxurious property is not just a hotel. It’s special for those who want to appreciate beauty and quality time.

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Discover the real beauty of nature and stunning vistas over Florence on the panoramic terrace at Giacomo dining. This place is worth it for your next getaway.

3. The St. Regis Florence

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Located at the south end of Santa Mari Novella along the Arno River, known as one of the top luxury hotels in Florence. It has been the destination for most travellers since the eighteenth century. The service is top; the location is excellent, and the property itself is just awesome, accommodation is breathtaking and exclusive amenities.

Experience myriad storied aesthetics throughout; get in touch with St. Regis’s modern amenities and services affixed with rich colours, sparkling crystal chandeliers and custom frescos.

4. Hotel Bernini Palace

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Hotel Bernini Palace lies in the heart of Florence, just a few steps from the Galleria deli Uffizi and piazza Della Signoria; it is one of the top luxury hotels in Florence, refined with elegant rooms, a free breakfast buffet, plus dining in a 16th-century courtyard.

The luxurious hotel offers valid prevalent areas, with sophisticated rooms capable of meeting all your requirements. The ambience is splendid with traditional Tuscan furnishings, with a balanced touch of contemporary designs.

5. Villa Cora

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Villa Cora is located in a century-old park that overlooks the Boboli gardens on the hills just outside the historical centre of Florence, and it ranks as one of the top luxury hotels in Florence. This gorgeous hotel provides guests with the privilege to feel at home in its elegant rooms, magnificent common and beautiful suites, that will make you feel like a true florentine aristocratic.

Villa Cora is a luxurious hotel that possesses some historical significance and styles. It was built in the late 1960s and has been home to aristocrats. It’s a 19th-century building surrounded by a park with an outdoor swimming pool.

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6. Four Season Hotel Firenze

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Four-season hotel Firenze is one of the top luxury hotels in Florence combining renaissance-era opulence with signature four-season services. It has up to 116 rooms.

There are breathtaking amenities in this luxurious hotel that can make your stay a hard-to-forget experience which include the outdoor pool, spa and wellness Centre, fitness centre, restaurants, bar/lounge, room service, free WiFi, coffee machine, valet parking and shuttle services. Guests are well-staffed and have professional attentive service.

Four seasons hotel Firenze offers a combination of old world-luxury and lush modern amenities at the quiet garden sanctuary in the heart of Florence. It also offers an impressive variety of luxurious suites and rooms in one of the quiet and most private gardens in the cities. All you will get to see in this hotel are jaw-dropping glamours.

7. Portrait Firenze

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Portrait Firenze is well recognised as one of the top luxury hotels in Florence with stunning rooms well-crafted furniture, and sophisticated suites; featuring a beautiful vista of Florence and the Arno River. It offers the best beautiful amenities. Massage and beauty treatments are available in-room or at the white Iris spa at the nearby continental hotel.

Make plans to stay in this adorable 5-star luxury hotel and enjoy so many mouth-watering and amazing benefits. There’s free Wifi, a full-list spa and a great breakfast. This hotel is worth your visit this year.

8. The West in Excelsior Florence

Located on the banks of Arno in Florence’s historic piazza Ognianti, the Westin Excelsior ranks as one of the top luxury hotels in Florence. This impressive one-of-a-kind luxury hotel epitomizes a beautiful hotel and nice location and serves as a perfect starting point for short walking tours.

The West in Excelsior hotel possesses an extraordinary rooftop bar where you can enjoy the daily outstanding sight. Enjoy your stay in the lovely apartments with beautiful and awe-inspiring views over the Arno River.

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9. Dimora Palanca

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

Dimora Palanca is a five-star glamourous hotel which also ranks among the top luxury hotels in Florence. This luxurious hotel is endowed with timeless tradition and elegance, classic architecture and the best of modern design. Enjoy the sensation of a home in any other of the privately decorated guestrooms with plasma televisions and minibars.
This elegant property is beautifully authentic.

The food service is incredible. Staff are very thoughtful and active; they always ensure that the needs of the guests are met.
Florence botanical gardens and casino park reflect the area’s natural beauty and attractions such as Galileo museum and Boboli garden.
Soak up the extraordinary aura of this luxurious hotel and embrace the beauty that surrounds you to enjoy a memorable stay in your life’s ordeal.

10. Palazzo Vecchietti

Best Luxury Hotels in Florence

In Palazzo Vecchietti, be prepared to experience a stay that will exceed your expectations. It’s located in Duomo, a neighbourhood in Florence near a train station and a theme park.

This beautiful hotel isn’t one of those ordinary luxury chain hotels. Hotel Vecchietti is one of the top luxury hotels in Florence. This is a prestigious luxury residence where attention is paid to every detail.

This hotel is worth visiting for spending memorable days, enjoying the top-class comforts to make you feel relaxed in a distinctive and refined environment, giving you the sensation of being at home.

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The top 10 best luxury hotels in Florence Listed above are not arranged in any particular order, since they all possess their dynamic charms.

These luxurious hotels are capable of making your getaway a lifetime best experience ever. If you find this article helpful, do well to share.

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