Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels In Nice

Luxury hotels in Nice, are the most perfect spots for those who desire to have extraordinary getaways. The elegance is jaw-dropping, the scenery extraordinary and the comfort guests enjoy is awe-inspiring.

Delightfully, Nice is the capital city of the French Riviera, founded by the Greeks in the third century BC. Sheltered by beautiful hills, Nice has a pleasant climate. It is the leading hotel city of Cote d’Azur or French Riviera.

With its mix of real-city grit old-world amenities, year-round sunshine, vibrant street life and stunning beaches, the best thing to do in Nice is to tour its top attractions and top luxury hotels. This city has for long attracted artists and prominent people to it.

Are you pondering the best spot for your next getaway? Below are the top 10 best luxury hotels in Nice that could make your joy complete.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels In Nice

1. Hotel Le Negresco

Hotel Le Negresco
Le Negresco Hotel

This hotel is 15 minutes walk from Nice’s old town and Nice-Ville train station. It’s an exquisite French hotel perfectly renovated and full of stunning French designs and art, which ranks among the top luxury hotels in Nice. Incredibly glamorous with amazing interior designs with historical significance. It’s one of the best hotels for couples.

There are 128 spacious and gorgeous rooms featuring king-size beds, flat-screen televisions, well-made furniture, and nicely air-conditioned.

You can enjoy free wifi at the fitness centre, and get served a French buffet breakfast each morning at the Rotonde restaurant. There’s also a private beach area where Negresco’s guests can enjoy it at an extra cost; also a private Limousine shuttle service is available for guests with a surcharge, upon request.

2. Hotel Boscolo Nice

 Hotel Boscolo Nice
Hotel Boscolo Nice

Located in one of the most luxurious and posh neighbourhoods in all of Nice, a very short distance from mused Massena and Promenade De Anglais, Boscolo hotel ranks among the top luxury hotels in Nice. The architecture of this luxurious property is a mixture of both ancestral and modern styles, with contemporary aesthetic inclinations.

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This luxurious five-star hotel features efficient services and staff blends so excellently with the aesthetics of the hotel. The Common areas offer an outstanding flowery ambience that constantly infuses the atmosphere with a pleasant odour.

There are exceptional amenities usable in the basement well designed in a moody style; with a gorgeous spa, dim swimming pool, essential oil showers and treatment rooms.

There are about five massive floors with 112 rooms across in the hotel. The rooms are dazzling white and the door knob modelled like white roses.

3. Splendid Hotel & Spa

Splendid Hotel & Spa
Splendid hotel & spa

This luxurious is located in the centre of Nice, and it ranks among the top luxury hotels in Nice. Splendid Hotel & Spa captions hallway and Common spots are bright and well planned. There are conference halls for retreats or work. Business travellers or digital nomads have this hotel is a perfect choice where there can greatly benefit.

There’s a vast swimming pool, accompanied by relaxing areas; an international restaurant; a pool bar, and a rooftop where you can view the beauty of the city from. Also enjoy the private beach, a Jacuzzi and a pool bar.

4. Hotel Winsor Nice

Hotel Winsor Nice
Hotel Winsor Nice

This modern luxury hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Nice. Located in the centre of Nice, a quiet street. This hotel has awe-inspiring scenery and gives you a deep sense of tranquillity and rejuvenates your spirit. This place is the best option for guests who loves peaceful and noise-free hotel where they can engage in deep meditation and connect with nature.

This outstanding hotel is a favourite among artists; many famous artists have made it a private retreat zone. It offers everything you will ever desire in a hotel of its calibre: a swimming pool, spa, beautiful and spacious rooms well airconditioned and many wonderful amenities that can make your stay a fulfilled one.

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5. Hotel Villa Victoria

Hotel Villa Victoria
Hotel Villa Victoria Nice

This luxury hotel is the perfect selection for nomads who want to take in the scenery and sounds of Nice. Located in the city centre, this hotel ranks among the top luxury hotels in Nice.

Hotel Villa Victoria offers amazing and nicely air-conditioned rooms, it’s well decorated and spacious with amazing furniture and bedding. It provides every sense of comfort, each room provides free wifi.

The front desk squad are super welcoming and harmonious and the staff ensures guests’ need are met.
Hotel Villa Victoria has an impressive 600m² garden that is highly rated in Nice. There’s a park peaceful and full of regional flowers which spread calmness and glamour in the environment.

6. Hotel Suisse Nice

 Hotel Suisse Nice
Hotel Suisse Nice

Situated in the middle of the metropolis, next to cote d’Azur, hotel Suisse Nice ranks among the top luxury hotels in Nice. The hotel is elegantly proportional to the crystal waters below recognised as one of the main beach resorts in Nice.
The hotel has a stunning private beach and the balcony and terraces features are glamorous and offer a panoramic view of the beach and the seas.
The rooms are laid out in contemporary style and brightened with enormous natural light; with absolute calmness.
The hotel staff are friendly and nice, ensuring they meet all the needs of their guests. This hotel is worth visiting this year.

7. NH Nice

NH Nice
NH Nice

This remarkable hotel is found lying close to old-town and other main attractions of the city within walking length of the Promenade Des Anglaise. NH Nice is one of the known top luxury hotels in Nice.

There is a major shopping centre right opposite the hotel for guests who want to go shopping. There are specially maintained meeting rooms and conference halls with projection and microphones for guests who work while travelling.

8. Hotel Nice Riviera

Hotel Nice Riviera
Hotel Nice Riviera

This 5-star Nice Riviera hotel places you right in the heart of Nice on the French Riviera, only a few minutes from the grand beach. It comes with a balcony offering incredible vistas of the stunning environment.

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This hotel offers in-room breakfast which guests enjoy from their private terrace when gazing at the glittering San on the turquoise water.

Hotel Nice Riviera invites you to enjoy a dramatic timeless getaway in the modern edifice with breathtaking magnificence.

9. Hotel Nice Excelsior

Hotel Nice Excelsior
Hotel Nice Excelsior

Hotel Nice Excelsior offers dividend lodging in the heart of the city centre next to Nice’s Ville train station. It also ranks as one of the top luxury hotels in Nice which is conveniently situated in the prime of the musician’s quarter of Nice 1,050 yards from the famous promenade Les Anglais, and it combines 19th-century architecture with the 21st c21st-century century interior design.

This luxurious hotel offers colourful and spacious rooms with murals and free Wi-fi in a 19th-century getaway with a garden bar. It promises to make your getaway a beautiful adventure.

10. Hotel La Perouse

Hotel La Perouse
Hotel La Perouse

This is another trendy luxurious hotel which is one of the top luxury hotels in Nice, which offers nice presentable Mediterranean cuisine made with French local products. It is excellently positioned at the eastern end of the promenade De Anglais; a lovely hotel with a quirky layout, built into the cliff face ideally situated for the old town and the port.

Guests enjoy a lovely pool area, an amazing restaurant with sea views and elegantly decorated stylish compartments and suites. The staffs are friendly and very helpful, especially at the restaurant.


Enjoy the most extraordinary getaway in any of these top 10 luxury hotels in Nice listed above. These hotels are not listed in any hierarchical order, but each of them has its charms capable of making your escape a hard-to-forget one.

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