Top Places Of Interest In Enugu State (2024)

There are top places of interest in Enugu that offers the opportunity to access the blessedness of nature.
Enugu is the capital city of Enugu State, located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Enugu attractions range from stunning hills to scenic nature trails, Lakes, forests, and Waterfalls among others.

Are you pondering the scenic environments to explore in Enugu this season? We have you covered. There’s no doubt there are hundreds of attractive places to visit but we have compiled a list of the top places of interest in Enugu that are worth your visit this season.

Top places of interest in Enugu

1. Awhum Waterfall

Located at Amaugwe village of Awhim town in Udi Local Government Area, in a lush green valley in Enugu State and being 30 meters high, Awhum Waterfall is one of the top places of interest in Enugu State, Nigeria.

It is relatively unthinkable to discuss the many Nigeria famous places without bringing up Awhum Waterfalls’ nature blessing to Enugu.

Awhum waterfall is notable as a pilgrim and tourist destination. Acclaimed to have curative powers and to be able to dissipate Satanic forces. Nestled beneath gigantic walls of limestone, the natural falls of two cascading streams fall from varying heights. The environment offers a congenial, quiet, and prayerful atmosphere.

2. Ngwo Pine Forest

This spot is one of the main tourist attractions in Enugu for relaxation, exploring nature, meeting friends, and viewing the awe-inspiring vistas. It ranks among the top places of interest in Enugu.

Ngwo Pine Forest is located at the very heart of the city, and along Old Enugu-Onitsha Rd. The forest is a treat to watch as it is considered a great scenic beauty. Visit this awe-inspiring and breathtaking sight that will greatly excite you and leave you with a memorable experience.

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3. Milliken Hills

The hill which is about 100 meters above sea level, is popularly acknowledged as one of the top places of interest in Enugu, and it offers a gorgeous viewpoint for a panoramic view of the Enugu metropolis.

This hill has an ancient, historic, and undiluted road, modernized with streetlights and other safety measures by Government. Coal is found. It is also reported that the discovery of coal attracted the Europeans to settle on the top of the hill at Ngwo now.

4. National Museum of Unity Enugu

Established in 1972 in a bid to unify after the Nigerian civil war, the National Museum of Unity ranks among the top places of interest in Enugu. It is situated along Abakaliki road, near Oguli junction and the Old Governor’s Lodge.

The National Museum of Unity showcases various artworks from galleries to paintings and monuments and other artifacts which provide an insight into the culture of the region. This Museum offers a beautiful scenic decor that you won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Ezeagu Waterfall

The Ezeagu water rushes down the cliff with a thunderous sound that attracts attention from some meters away. Being one of the top places of interest in Enugu, the waterfall is locally called ‘Ogbagada’ and is about 23 meters high.

The Ezeagu waterfall is a sight that receives many pilgrims, as a result of the belief that it has a curative effect. It’s such an amazing spot to unwind and relax. It’s such an interesting place to be.

6. Ngwo Cave and Waterfall

Popularly known as one of the most common tourist sites in the endowed coal city, Ngwo Cave and Waterfall ranks among the top places of interest in Enugu.

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The trek to the Ngwo Cave requires navigating your way through the large cluster of trees at the beautiful Ngwo Pine Forest, with sharp twists and turns.

The Ngwo Cave and Waterfall is a tourist site, and it has been naturally sculpted in limestone rocks and has attracted a lot of tourists from across the nation.

7. Iheneke Lake

Being a tropical lake with maximum density during the warmest season, Iheneke Lake is categorized among the top places of interest in Enugu.

This lake is a freshwater lake covering an area of about in length and 45km in diameter, and it is surrounded mainly by bamboo trees and other flora species.

Enugu is home to many lakes, and a visit to the Iheneke Lake, which is one of the most beautiful and prominent lakes is well worth it.

8. Akwuke Sand Beach

Located in a cool atmosphere, Akwuke sand beach is a tourist place for sightseeing, and it ranks as one of the top places of interest in Enugu.
It’s located in the town of Akwuke along the Enugu Port Harcourt Expressway in the Enugu South Local Government Area of the State.

You might marvel at why but this is one of the most popular picnic grounds and top places of interest in Enugu. People troop into this breathtaking spot for one fun activity or the other.

This sand beach, if compared to other beaches in the middle of the rainforest is endowed with so much sand in Nigeria. Visit this destination for an extraordinary experience.

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9. Iyi Nzu Waterfall

As one of the tallest waterfalls in Enugu, Iyi Nze Waterfall is a nice place to be, being one of the top places of interest In Enugu; it’s most fascinating and is worth visiting. If you love chasing waterfalls, then you should put this place on your bucket list.

10. Nike Lake Enugu

Offering breathtaking views in a very secure and tranquil environment, Nike Lake is among the top places of interest in Enugu. You will find at this beautiful serene resort everything you need to make your stay a hard-to-forget adventure. It is nice walking beside the lake, and they offer boat rides around the lake.

Situated on the bank of Nike Lake is the Nike Resort. It lies on the outskirts of the Enugu urban area and provides a platform for persons seeking a beautiful place to enjoy some quietude and tranquillity. Enjoy the perfect business getaway with astonishing views.

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Having gone through the compiled top places of interest in Enugu, consider exploring any on the list for awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping scenic vistas that will make your tour experience memorable.

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