Top 10 Richest Cities In California (2024)

California is a very successful state in the US when it comes to wealth. The state has a lot of rich communities, cities, and towns in it. The richest cities in California are ranked as such based on the affluence of the residents and the total productivity of the state as a whole.

Unsurprisingly, the richest cities in California are buoyant in the agricultural industry across California. Some of these Californian cities are noted to have the highest output among other states.

California also known as the Golden State houses the Centre of the hippie counterculture (A film industry for Hollywood) and Disneyland; because of this, It is recorded as the pioneer state of pop culture in the US. Some of the richest companies in the world like the world-leading technology hub – Silicon Valley is also located in California.

Some of the popular cities in California are Sacramento – which is the state’s capital, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, among others cities.

The richest cities in California have a lot of structures and facilities that encourage ostentatious living. You cannot reside in these cities if you do not earn an average salary of $200,000 per annum. Some of the individuals who reside in these wealthy cities are the richest billionaires in the world who have large investments, which they can use to offset their cost of living.

Apart from measuring the personal income of the Canadian residents, the top wealthiest cities in California are barely analyzed by measuring the population of the cities against the median household income, poverty level, and unemployment rates.

Having looked at these determinants, the American Community Survey gave an average on some of the wealthiest cities in California. It is based on this rank list that we compiled this article on the top 10 richest cities in California.

Top 10 Richest Cities In California

These richest cities in California have been ranked based on their median household income


Net worth: $526,856

Atherton is the wealthiest city in California and the United States generally. The city is located 20 minutes away from Silicon Valley. The median household income of Atherton is placed at $526,856 which is above half a million. This city is popular for its affluence which is hallmarked by the huge mansions in the residential areas of Atherton.

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Atherton was named after Faxon Dean Atherton, a native of San Mateo County who was also a landowner and politician. The total land area of the city is 5.06m² and has a population of about 6914 residents after the 2010 population census. Atherton has a 22-acre space with playgrounds, walking paths, and gardens. Menlo Park

The city has dynamic associations like the Atherton Tree Committee, the Atherton Heritage Association, the Atherton Arts Committee, the Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation, the Friends of the Atherton Community Library, the Atherton Dames, and the Police Task Force. billionaires.

Los Altos Hills

Net worth: $427,749

Los Altos Hills is the second richest city in California. It is located in Santa Clara County, at the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. The Santa Cruz Mountains Foothills is a hub for nature lovers and add to the tourist attractions of Los Altos Hills.

Some of the other tourist attraction sites in Los Altos Hills include the Los Altos Hills History Museum Site, Windy Hill Preserve, San Andreas Fault Trail, and Hidden Villa Farm – the Los Altos Farmers Market.

Los Altos Hills was created on January 27, 1956, having a land area of about 8.92m². The median household income of this Californian town is $427,749. Los Altos Hills is now a part of the Silicon Valley – Tech Hub.

Some of the popular residents of Los Altos Hills are Becky Morgan, Sergey Brin, Jerry Yang, David Packard, Barry Bonds, Sundar Pichai, and Gordon Moore.

Los Altos

Net worth: $326,456

Los Altos is situated in the northern Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area just in Santa Clara County. The town is one of the richest cities in California after it was formerly an agricultural expanse with lush apricot orchards. Los Altos (The Heights in Spanish) was made a city in California effective from December 1, 1962, and has a land area of approximately 6.47m².

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The Los Altos population was averaged to be about 28,936 during the 2010 population census. Currently, Lost Altos is estimated to have a population of 30,527 people with a poverty rate of 2.83% and an unemployment rate of 2.4%.

Even with these figures, Los Altos is yet one of the richest cities in California. The affluence of Los Altos is accounted for mainly by the managerial and manufacturing industries.

Some of the notable personalities from Los Altos are Steve Jobs, John Warnock, Sergey Brin, William E. Moerner, and Andrew Grove.


Net worth: $311,922

Piedmont is situated in the Francisco Bay Area in Alameda County surrounded by Oakland city. It is a wealthy town housing some of the highest-paying industries which contribute to its median household income of $311,922.

Piedmont City was made a Californian town effective in 1907.

The 2010 population census recorded that Piedmont has an estimated population of 10,667 residents and a total land area of 1.70m².


Net worth: $283,978

Orinda is one of the richest cities in California located in Contra Costa County the East of Berkeley. The city has a median household income of $283,978 and is ranked the fifth richest town in California. It was ranked by Forbes as the most friendly city in America in 2012 and the second friendliest city in 2021.

Orinda was formed on July 1, 1985, with a land area of 12.87m² and a population of 17,643 based on the 2010 population census.


Net worth: $271,666

Malibu is located on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles County. Malibu is one of the most recognized cities in California due to its ocean views, rugged coastline, Mediterranean climate, beaches, and inviting wealthy and famous people.

Malibu is one of the wealthiest cities in California formed on March 28, 1991. Malibu is a residential area for most Hollywood movie stars and other affluent people. Malibu has a total land area of 19.83m² with an estimated population of 12,645 Malibu residents at the 2010 population census. The median household income in Malibu is $275,675.

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San Marino

Net worth: $232,829

San Marino is the seventh-richest city in California located southeast of Pasadena.

The numerous entertainment and recreation centers in the city contribute majorly to the $232,829 average household income. Other sectors like retail trade, renting, technical services, and scientific services make significant contributions too.


Net worth: $214,627

Danville is a wealthy suburban city in California. The city was created 130 years ago. Danville is situated at the center of San Ramon Valley.

Danville has a median household income of $214,627 with contributing sectors including health, retail trade, and manufacturing.


Net worth: $192,532

Pleasanton is a wealthy city in California located east of Oakland, and west of Livermore. This is another city in California with numerous recreational centers and sparse vegetation.

The median household income of Pleasanton is estimated to be about $192,532 with the healthcare sector and industries contributing primarily to it.

San Ramon

Net worth: $186,911

San Ramon is located east of Diablo Foothills and west of Oakland Hills. The city is one of the top ten richest cities in California. Having 75,000 residents and a median household income of $186,911 aided by the manufacturing, retail trade, and gas extraction companies.

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After going through these top richest cities in Canada, you must have become knowledgeable of the wealthiest cities in California. Some of the top stars in the entertainment industry are residents of the richest cities in California.

Despite being the most populous U.S. state with an estimated 39.5 million residents at the 2010 population census, the richest cities in California listed above are also the wealthiest towns in the United States.

The California economy of $1.75 trillion is the largest in the USA and the 5the in the world. Four of the largest companies in the world are located in these top 10 richest cities in California.

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