10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington

The cheapest places to live in Washington state still exist to date, even though most places in the state are known to be highly expensive to live in; it depends on the area you are in.

It is interesting to note that Washington would be the perfect state to call home: It is often referred to as the evergreen state and has some of the best majestic scenery in the country. For people who want to change location to Washington to inhabit, it’s necessary to have an idea of the cost of the new location to fit into your budget.

Despite its increased popularity and expensiveness, there are still many cities that remain moderately affordable that can fit into your budget; such as Sunnyside, Quincy, Spokane, Yakima, Cheney, and others. This article contains the 10 cheapest places to live in Washington.

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Cheapest places to live in Washington

1. Sunny Side

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Sunnyside Arch in New York. Sunnyside is a middle-class and commercial neighborhood

One of the most affordable places for habitation in Washington is Sunnyside. Low earnings lodgings communities have low rental prices that are subsidized by the local government and have specific income constraints to qualify.

This shows that this area may be a great place to look for your subsequent resident home.

Sunnyside is located in the south section of Houston, Texas. This community in Houston is 6.5 square miles in size. Its inhabitants pay less for utilities, health care, groceries, goods and services, and transportation. Accommodation is 30% lower than the nation’s standard.

2. Quincy

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington

Another cheapest place to live in Washington is Quincy. The community has low and affordable rent costs and low lodging prices.

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The median residence cost in Quincy is $306,000. It is located in central Washington and seven miles from the Columbia River.

Quincy area has so many natural attractions where many residents take part in free activities and spend a good time outdoors.

3. Spokane

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Moon over Spokane

Spokane is another one of the cheapest places to live in Washington. This city boasts an expense of residency that is lower than the national standard, including home prices, with an average home tax of $333,000.

The population is about 228, 989. The median household income is about $50,306; the median 2-bedroom apartment rent is about $1,364 and the change in rent in the past years is about 28.17℅.

Spokane is situated in eastern Washington near the Columbia River, which runs through downtown. This neighborhood ranks as one of the nicest natural territories in the country.

The Riverfront park captions a diversity of enticements including the Skyride, a gondola ride that moves you from the haven past the scenic falls and through the downtown, before retreating you to the park.

Appreciating the countless water fountains the park holds, individuals enjoy and appreciate regular community events throughout the year.

4. Yakima

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Beautiful light illuminated the downtown urban core city center of Yakima, WA

Yakima is one of the cheapest places to live in Washington. It is set in the heart of Washington. Its located in the fertile Yakima Valley, and is known for its wineries and apple orchards.

From the Yakima, area Arboretum includes gardens, natural areas, and an enormous collection of trees. Yakima is a promising place to reside for those who adore nature and appreciate the rich culture that is enormous in diversity.

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Annually, there is sunshine, for 300 days and the inhabitants can ski, hike, and bike all exact day as well as some of the best outdoor spots near Yakima.

5. Cheney

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Cheney Street, Washington, DC, USA

Cheney is also among the cheapest places to live in Washington, with a population of about 13,000 and it’s nearly 17 miles southwest of Spokane.

Cheney is recognized for its ambiance and family-friendly habitation, it has a haven and entertainment section delivering projects designed to help children nurture their talents and capabilities.

Cheney is made popular and shaped into the quaint city that it is today because of its location around Eastern Washington University.

6. Bothell

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Bothell, WA USA – circa April 2021: View of the large W statue in the center of the University of Washington satellite campus.

Another cheapest city to live in is Bothell. This neighborhood is an affordable alternative for those who do not want to pay the expensive cost of living. yet living close to Seattle, Bothell is a perfect choice.

The median home rate is $344600 which is satisfactory for this neighborhood. The median household income is $75,643.

Dwellers commemorate lavish freedom every fourth of July. With quick access to Seattle; inhabitants can enjoy big-city events and shop within driving range.

Also, cultural activities such as multiple city festivals, rural parks, and plentiful recreation options.

7. Auburn

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Auburn, Emerald Down Washington State, USA

Another cheapest and most affordable place to live in Washington is Auburn. It is a transportation crossroad between Seattle and Tacoma.

For those who live here, the median home price is $231,200, with a median household income of $57,635.
Other outdoor attractions that occupants could enjoy include: horse racing at Emerald Downs, golf, and art performances

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8. West port

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington

Another incredibly cheap place to reside in Washington is Westport. A home in Westport has an average of $229,800.

The cost of habitation in Westport is 15% lower than the average for Washington; this makes it easy for residents to enjoy a peaceful life and a good atmosphere at a cheap price.

9. Pacific

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington

Pacific is a small neighborhood that has about 7000 occupants, located 30 minutes south of Seattle. It is near Auburn and often has been mistaken to be part of Auburn.
The Pacific area is located along the white river and has a nice park system. This is an excellent community to raise a family and have a feeling of a feel-at-home.

10. Parkland

10 Cheapest Places To Live In Washington
Picnics on Riverside Green in Parkland

Parkland is also one of the cheapest areas to live in Washington. It is a location with an excellent education system and only a 45-minute drive to Seattle.

Parkland is filled with natural attractions with 15 diversities of wild grasses and flowers. Many lovers of nature often explore the ambiance of the outdoors in this environment.


You don’t have to spend all your earnings looking for a good and affordable location, it is possible to live in environments where you can fit into your budget and yet be comfortable.

If you want to reside in Washington, check any of your favorite places above to make the best choice of location and enjoy.

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