Top 20 Biggest Mall in the World (2024)

Apart from contributing to the economy of the country, shopping malls are also a center full of fun and relaxing activities.

If you have ever dreamed of touring the world, then the list of the biggest Mall in the world should be something you are looking forward to.

List of The Biggest Mall in the World

1. Iran Mall

Iran Mall is currently the biggest mall in the world with its physical location in Chitgar Lake, northwest Tehran. It’s currently under construction with the first phase completed and the second phase is projected to be completed by the end of 2020.

It has about 1.4 million square meters of leasable area. Iran Mall contains a hypermarket, a book garden, 12 theatre Screens, 2500 shops, car showrooms, and 3 hotels. It’s projected to be about 1.9 million square meters after completion.

2. New South China Mall

This is the second-largest mall in the world. New South China Mall is located in Guangdong Province in Dongguan, China and it was launched in 2005. It has about 659,612 square meters for the available leasable area. About $1.3 billion was infused into the mall before it was completed.

New South China Mall has about 2350 retail stores, theme parks, IMAX-style cinemas. 10 years ago, it was empty as about 1% of the leasable space was rented out. It was later rented by many shops and is currently full of life after renovations. It now boasts millions of visitors monthly.

3. SM City Tianjin

This is another biggest mall in the world and the 3rd largest with about 565,000 square meters of leasable space available.

SM City Tianjin is located in China and was launched in 2016. More than half of the mall’s space was rented a few weeks after it was launched. The mall is one of the biggest domestic product sellers and foreign retailers in China.

4. Golden Resources Mall

This is another biggest mall in the world with over 557,419 square meters of leasable area. The mall has 6 floors and is about 1.5 times larger than the Mall of America.

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It was formerly the biggest and largest mall after its launch in 2004. It maintained that position till 2005 before it was usurped by other shopping malls. Golden Resources Mall is located in Beijing in China and is currently the 3rd biggest mall in China.

5. Central Plaza Westgate

This is another largest mall in the world which was launched in 2015. Thailand’s biggest mall is located physically in Nonthaburi in Thailand with about 550,278 square meters as the leasable space available. Central Plaza Westgate Mall has about 1000 shops cutting across 6 floors.


This is another biggest mall in the world with about 525,000 square meters of leasable area. The shopping mall was launched in 2018 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

ICONSIAM is also the 2nd largest mall in Thailand which also serves as two of the city’s tallest buildings. About $1.6 billion was spent on the mall before it was completed. It contains more than 1000 stores including the only Apple Store in Thailand, a heritage, a museum, and a large exhibition hall.

7. SM City North

SM City North is the best real estate owned by the SM supermall. It’s the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and was launched in 1985. It currently has about 498,000 leasable areas available.
Due to the expansion and development done on the building in 2006, it increased its gross leasable area to the current value.

8. SM Megamall

Like SM City North Mall, it is also located in the Philippines in Mandaluyong and is one of the biggest malls in the world. It has about 474,000 leasable space. The Mega Mall was opened in 1991 with over 1000 stores in it, restaurants, and outlets inclusive.

It’s also made up of four buildings which two are used as the main building for shopping for goods. The third is used as a parking space and offices for corporations while the last is for fashion stores and retailers.

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9. SM Seaside City Cebu Mall

This city mall which is located in Cebu City in the Philippines was opened in 2015 with about 470,486 square meters of gross leasable space.

About $600 million was spent on the city mall which consists of many buildings like office spaces, a hotel, a residential area, an amusement park, large-scale cinemas, and a tall tower of 150m.

10. Isfahan City Centre

This is another biggest mall in the world located in Isfahan Iran. It’s the second-largest mall in Iran with about 465,500 leasable Areas. Isfahan City Centre Mall has the world’s largest museum as one of its buildings. Other buildings include a hotel, entertainment center, restaurants, and more than 700 outlets/stores.

11. Utama Mall

Utama Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia and one of the largest in the world. The shopping mall which was launched in 1995 is located in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. The mall consists of buildings like retail outlets, gigantic rooftop gardens, arcade centers, recreational sporting centers, and many more.

12. Persian Gulf Complex Mall

This mall was opened in 2011 and is located physically in Shiraz Iran. Based on the number of stores in the Mall, it is next to the Iran Mall as it contains about 2500 stores.

13. SM Mall of Asia

Another biggest mall in the world is located in Bay City in the Philippines. It has over 432,891 square meters as its leasable space and is located on an area of 70 hectares. About 200,000 people visit the mall daily. Due to its large space, it has a train that takes shoppers throughout the whole building.

14. Central World Mall, Thailand

The Central Mall has undergone branding 3 times since its establishment. It was first launched as the World Trade Center in 1990, then as the Central World Plaza in 2003. After the renovation, it was later changed to Central World in 2006.

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The central world is located in Bangkok Thailand with over 187,046 spaces of the leasable area.

15. New Century Global Centre

This is also one of the largest malls in China specifically in Chengdu. It was launched and opened in 2013 with over 400,000 square meters as the leasable space. Like other biggest shopping malls in the world, it has many office spaces, an ice rink, and about 1000 hotel rooms with up to intercontinental standards.

16. Dubai Mall

This is another biggest shopping mall in the world which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has about 1200 shops, 5-star hotels, an ice rink, a SEGA Game Centre, 120 restaurants, and cafes. It’s also one of the gateways leading to the tallest building in the world known as Burj Khalifa.

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17. Cevahir Istanbul Turkey

This is another biggest shopping malls in the world. It has about 343 shops and 48 restaurants across its 6 floors with a bowling wall.

18. West Edmonton Mall

This is the biggest shopping center in North America and one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It has about 1000 dining locations, Golf adventure centers, Ice Palace stores, and the world’s largest waterpark.

19. Morocco Mall

The mall is located in Casablanca in Morocco with about 200,000 square meters of floor space. The mall has the largest aquarium with different species of fish.

20. King of Prussia Mall

This is another largest mall in the world which was located in Pennsylvania, USA. It was opened in 1963 with over 222 million people each year.

The above-mentioned malls are the biggest and largest in the world.  If touring the world is on your bucket list, you can visit any of these to taste different brands of expensive products.

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