Top 10 Richest Cities In Texas

Texas is the second-largest state in the USA, with over ten cities marked as the richest cities in Texas and bordering Oklahoma in its Northern area; Arkansas in its Northeast area; the United States of Louisiana to the East; the Gulf of Mexico for the Southeast; New Mexico to the West; then Nuevo, Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas.

Texas is well known for its cattle ranches and Cowboys. The cattle industry became the major financier of the booming economy of Texas both before and after World war II. To mark the extent of the growth of the cattle industry, an image of a Texas Cowboy was made during the 19th century.

In the 20th century, petroleum deposits were found in Texas and its exploitation began. The petroleum sector in Texas is now another major contributor to the economy of Texas. The Spindletop was the major Petroleum depot found in Texas and has raked tonnes of millions into the Texas economy.

As high technological industries began gaining dominance in some countries of the world around them mid the 20th century, Texas picked interest and invested in some lucrative areas of the industry. Currently, the leading financial sectors in Texas include Agriculture, Petroleum, Electronics, Computer, Biomedical Sciences, Energy, and Aerospace. The wealthiest city in Texas is West University Place with a median household income of USD 250,001 and a poverty rate of 1.67%. The second most populous state in Texas is San Antonio.

Top 10 Richest Cities In Texas

Richest Cities in Texas

West University Place

Median Household Income: USD 250,001

West University Place or The West U is the richest city in Texas. The city is located in the Houston-Sugar Land Suburb and is a well-populated state. It also has the highest median household income in Texas asides from its GDP per capita. The Houston-Sugar Land is the woodlands of the Sugar Land popularly known as “The Neighbourhood”. Other cities bordering The West U are Houston, Southside, and Bellaire.

As one of the richest cities in Texas, the community is home to some of the highest-earning citizens in Texas. The main source of income of the persons in The West U is the telecommunications services. The city has a telephone center situated at 4068 Bellaire Boulevard.

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West U also has a large margin of educated adults because of the advanced educational systems and Institutions, including online Universities and other tertiary institutes in the Texas city.

South Lake

Median Household Income: USD 240,248

South Lake is Texas’s second richest city located in the Tarrant County of the Dallas Forth-Worth Suburban. South Lake was made a city in 1956 after GrapeVine Lake was constructed. South Lake is the more dominant city of the other regions located around Tarrant and Denton County in Texas, America.

South Lake is on record as the fifth richest city in the United States of America. The Forth Worth suburb has a median household income estimated at USD 240,248 and a poverty rate of 2.5%. The major financiers of South Lakes’ net income are the South Lake Town Square and the lucrative public schools in the city

Highland Park

Median Household Income: USD 211,132

Highland Park is the seventh-richest city in America and the third richest city in Texas. Highland Park is situated between the Dallas North Tollway and downtown Dallas. The city used to be owned by Philadelphian investors, though it is currently a free region in America.


Median Household Income: USD 206,734

Bellaire is one of the richest cities in Texas created by William Baldwin Wright, the former Chairman of the South End Land Company. Bellaire or Good Air as it was dubbed due to the fresh air and cool breeze that follows the changing weather in the city, is in the southwest part of Harris County. Some of the cities in Texas that are near Bellaire are West University Place and Houston. It is slightly located between the Houston-Sugar Land Baytown.

Bellaire is also known as the City Of Homes due to the dense population in the city. The population count of Bellaire is 18,593 residents according to the 2016 population census. Bellaire is one of the wealthiest cities in Texas with major investments in the agricultural and real estate properties and industrial sectors. It also invests both publicly and privately in some of the best and perfect property ventures in the commercial properties industry.

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Terrell Hills

Median Household Income: USD 181,979

Dr. Terrell Frederick, the former mayor of San Francisco, local bank President, and one of the top bank CEOs named the city in Texas after his name. The city started developing moments after some parts of the city were sold off to the Terrell Hills Community. Terrell Hills is located in Bexar County, Texas, and has a population of 4,878 persons. The city has regions known as Terrell Hills, Olmos Park, and Alamo heights.

The borders of the city branch off at the South and South-east sides of San Antonio; on the Northern side by Uptown San Antonio; and on the Eastern side by Fort Sam Houston. Midtown, Uptown, Downtown Antonio; and Forth-Worth Houston are located around the major cities of Terrel Hills

Prosper, Dallas Forth-Worth

Median Household Income: USD 146,733

Prosper is a city located in the metropolitan area of Dallas Forth-Worth and the Collin and Denton Counties. The agricultural sector of this city is the major industry of the state; the first residents of the city were people with interests in agriculture too. The city was opened up for industrialization after the country courts sold off part of the city.

Alamo Heights

Median Household Income: USD 141,048

Alamo Heights is an economic city in Texas bordering San Antonio and parts of the University of the Incarnate Word. Alamo Heights is one of the richest cities in Texas to be blessed with a landscape that is similar to the South Western region of America. The land area is covered by sparse vegetation, prairies, forests, and coastline areas.

Fair Oaks Ranch

Median Household Income: USD 128,398

Fair Oaks Ranch is found in three counties in Texas, Kendall County, Bexar County, and Comal County. The city was founded in the 1930s by Ralph Fair Sr., who also named the city after himself. The Fair Oaks Ranch in Texas is part of the Metropolis of San Antonio and has a population count of 5,986 persons.

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Fair Oaks Ranch is one of the richest cities in Texas that boasts of a leading revenue in the American state. They are the major exporters in the country and continually boost the progressive GDP of Texas. The residents of these cities are well employed resulting in the low unemployment rate in the province.


Median Household Income: USD 124,375

Celina was named after Celina Tennessee, the first postmaster town in 1879, and one of the richest cities in Texas. The city’s first modern building was a schoolhouse that was used for both Methodist church services and educational purposes.

The construction of stores, schools, modern houses, and other properties consequently followed suit. The first road that was built for automobile use and access in Celina was Celine Park. Texas is one of the biggest states in America when considering the land area of the state. This land area can be easily featured in Celina.


Median Household Income: USD 118,348

Melissa is tenth on the list of the richest cities in Texas. The city has a dense population bordering North Central Collin County in Texas, United States. Looking at a summary of Melissa’s economy, the unemployment rate in Texas city is 3.6% followed by a job growth rate of 3.09%.

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Texas is one of the richest countries and wealthiest states in the United States. The country has a diversified economy with the largest financiers in the agricultural and Petroleum sectors. The richest cities in Texas as we have highlighted above are some specific regions that are very productive based on their Median household income.

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