Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria (2024)

The most popular lakes in Nigeria are the captivating body of lakes that varies, and are elegant, from man-made lakes to crater lakes fringed by leafy forests.

Nigeria houses a fascinating body of Lakes that are diverse as they are beautiful places and worth visiting. If you desire to know the well-recognized lakes in Nigeria, then you are in the right place. This article contains the top 10 most popular lakes in Nigeria that you should know.

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria

1. Nike Lake

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria ([year])
Nike Lake

Nike Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria and the most popular in Enugu State.
The Nike Lake resort and hotel built within the lake environment is one of the major factors that led to the popularity of Nike Lake.

The resort is a perfect spot for picnicking and recreation. Enjoy the perfect business getaway with awe-inspiring and breathtaking views. It is naturally gorgeous.

2. Oguta Lake

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria ([year])
Oguta lake

Oguta Lake ranks among the most popular lakes in Nigeria. This lake is a lean finger lake formed by the damming of the lower Njaba River with illuvium.

Iguta Lake is also the largest natural lake in Imo State, South Nigeria, within the equatorial rainforest region of the Niger Delta.

The lake is an important source of municipal and domestic water for the people of Oguta but is also the recipient of urban sewage.

3. Jabi Lake

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria ([year])
Jabi lake

Located in the Jabi area of Abuja, Jabi Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria. It’s a water body formed from a man-made earth dam that was initially created to provide water to about 100,000 residents of Abuja, Nigeria.

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Jabi Lake is mostly quiet except when festivities or shows are held on its banks. It’s a great place for sightseeing, family relaxation, picnics, and a great weekend.

The total surface area Of the lake is about 1,300 hectares. You can carry out shopping in the elegant lake mall. Jabi Lake mall is an Abuja landmark on the lakeside of Jabi and is renowned for its vast selection of over 120 stores.

4. Lake Chad

lake chad
Lake Chad

Diversified in size over the century, Lake Chad is a historically large, shallow, and endothermic Lake in central Africa. It is one line of the most popular lakes in Nigeria.

It shrank as much as 95% according to the report of the Global Resource Information database of the united nations environment, from around 1963 to 1998.

The lake shrank due to climate change an increase in the population and unplanned irrigation.
Lake Chad is located in the far west of Chad and the northeast of Nigeria. Parts of the lake also extend to Niger and Cameroon.

5. Agulu Lake

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria ([year])
Agulu lake

Located along Akwa road in Agulu, Aniocha local government area of the state, Agulu lake stands as one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria.

There’s an ongoing plan to transform Agulu Lake into a relaxation and recreation center. It’s a potential tourist attraction scene and it’s home to about three hundred crocodiles and water turtles.

6. Iheneke Lake

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria ([year])

This is a tropical lake with maximum density during the warmest season. Iheneke Lake is ranked as one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria.

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Iheneke Lake is a freshwater lake covering an area of about ksq. km, and it is surrounded mainly by bamboo trees and other flora species.

7. Okposi Salt Lake

The traditional method of salt production has continued in Okposi Okwu for about 400 years. Thus, making it rank as one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria.

The brine from Okposi salt lakes had the highest salinity among all lakes in Eastern Nigeria according to Biafran scientists, after a series of tests.

The lake is located almost two hours from Abakaliki, in the Ohaozara local government area of Ebonyi State. It was discovered by two hunters, and since then it has been the center of salt production for the people.

8. Kainji Lake

Top 10 Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria ([year])

Kainji Lake Is well known as one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria, in the north-central. It is a reservoir on the Niger river formed by the Kainji dam. Sharing the boundary between Niger state and Kebbi state, Kainji lake was formed in 1968.

There also exists a national haven founded around the lake which is Nigeria’s oldest national park established in 1976. It covers a wide range.

Kainji Lake is a warm monomictic lake with a period of total mixing from December to January due to nocturnal cooling during the harmattan period.
The lake and dam are located along Nigeria. Today, the dam produces electricity for most of the country’s cities.

9. Maladumba lake

Maladumba Lake is also one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria that is among the several natural, shallow lake and the surrounding forest reserve in central Northern Nigeria. It is representative of the natural wetlands.

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The Maladumba lake is located approximately 18km southwest of the Misau local government area precisely in the Maladumba area of Bauchi State.

10. Lekki Leisure Lake

Most Popular Lakes In Nigeria

Being rated as the cleanest premier private beachfront in Lagos with an awe-inspiring, serene and beautiful atmosphere, Lekki Leisure Lake ranks as one of the most popular lakes in Nigeria.

Lekki Leisure Lake is the best destination for safe, authentic outdoor fun in Lagos. This private beach resort is located in the heart of the Lekki peninsula in the city of Lagos. A semi-private beach situated in the serene neighborhood of Oniru Lagos. This park offers a relaxing and breathtaking experience.


Listed above are the top 10 most popular lakes in Nigeria that you can visit right now. Some of these lakes have beautiful attractions and outstanding resorts nearby.

These destinations are worth your visit this year. Spend a little time with natural surroundings to revive your inner man. You may also wish to tour some of the natural and top tourist attractions in Nigeria. If you find this piece helpful, so well to share.

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