Scared of Flying: 9 Tips to Get Over the Fear of Flying

How do I get over the fear of flying in an airplane? I am scared of Flying, what can I do? These are few out of the numerous questions asked by many who are afraid of flying.

In this article, you will find helpful tips on how to overcome the fear of flying in an airplane.

About Fear of Flying

The term acrophobia or aviophobia refers to the fear of flying in an airplane or having anything to do with high altitude.

According to research, over 25 million adults in the United States are scared of flying. Hence, it is not uncommon to be afraid of flying in an airplane. Whether you are scared of flying because of the fear of a plane crash or fear of height, the below-listed tips will help you to cope and get over the fear of flying.

How to Get Over the Fear of Flying

Gather Adequate Knowledge

Knowing what to expect during traveling helps to relieve anxiety and fear. Thus, gathering knowledge about the structures of airplanes, how airplanes fly, what causes turbulence, and other related information will help to ease your fear.

Avoid Negative Input

One of the helpful ways of coping with the fear of flying is through positive thinking. This can not be achieved with negative input like watching scary movies that induce the fear of flying. Also, social media information and news about plane crashes among other negative inputs should be avoided.

To achieve this, you should bear in mind that only negative news is covered and most safe flights are usually ignored. Thus, there is no reason to get worked up on any negative input.

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Indulge in Positive Self-talk

Flying is one of the safest means of transportation, especially for long-distance journeys. Hence, the fear of flying is irrational as there is less risk especially when you are traveling with the best tour group companies. Knowing this and constantly reminding yourself helps to reduce the anxiety and fear of flying.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy which is a form of therapy where you expose yourself to the object of your fear gradually and frequently helps to lessen the fear of flying also.

Hence, we advise you to introduce the object of your fear which is the airplane and flights little by little till you are comfortable with it. You can start by watching positive YouTube videos on how the airplane works, the structure, and others.

Also, you can visit the airport to see a plane and get familiar with the environment before boarding planes for a short-distance journey. All these will help to lessen the fear of flying.

Scared of Flying: 9 Tips to Get Over the Fear of Flying
I’m scared of flying, how do I cope?

Seek Help from a Medical Professional

Are you scared of flying? Seeking help from a psychiatrist about your fear can help. You can book therapies to get over the fear or seek for medications to manage it. Drugs like Valium, Xanax, and others are effective in lessening anxiety.

Whatever means you have decided on, do not use a drug without a doctor’s prescription or indulge in self-medication.

Pick a Comfortable Seat

Aisle seats are the best for people that are scared of flying as it is the least affected during turbulence. If you are afraid of flying or afraid of height, avoid sitting near the window or the front seats.

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Pick a Comfortable seat in the aisle section to avoid triggers. To learn more we discussed the best seat for people with anxiety and other circumstances in our previous article on selecting the best seat on airplanes.

Furthermore, booking early for your flight helps to pick a comfortable seat. Some airlines allow the selection of seats before the flight while some do not. You can also talk to your agent or travel agencies about your fear to aid in picking a comfortable seat. See the list of the best site to book international flights from to get the best deals.

Arrive Early Before the Departure Time

Another way to cope with the fear of flying is by arriving earlier on the day of your flight to get familiar with the environment. You can check out different areas and sections in the airport, and the passageway to feel relaxed.

Also, feel free to talk to passengers, hostesses, flight attendants, and other professionals about your fears. Communicate with them and seek assurance on the journey. See the

Distract Yourself

Find something to distract your thoughts during the flight. Avoid being too fixated on the thought of flying. To distract your thoughts, you can listen to podcasts and music, watch videos, read novels, play games, communicate with others, and get involved in many other activities.

Anticipate Anxiety during Turbulence

Anxiety and the Fear of flying may be irrational but it is real. Irrespective of how prepared you are, you will witness anxiety during the flight, especially during turbulence.

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Hence, it is best to anticipate the fear during flight and get prepared in advance by following the above tips. Also, do not force yourself or ignore the anxiety. Try to breathe and relax. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that getting scared is normal.

How to Get Over the Fear of Flying

Getting over the fear of flying is a gradual process and not a walk in the park. If you are scared of flying, we advise you to try out some of the tips listed above. With constant practice, you will be able to cope with the idea of flying in an airplane and later get used to it.

Are you scared of flying? Have you flown in an airplane before? How do you cope with the fear of flying? Share your experience with us via the comments section for others to learn. Kindly share with friends and family if you find this helpful, thanks!

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