Best Group Tour Companies – Top 10

There are varieties of group tour companies for travelers that can give you an exciting trip and experience. Some of these groups your companies have their pros and cons. Some are affordable and good while some are expensive and luxurious.

Also, they have different travel styles, budgets, and plans for travelers. Hence, it is important to choose the best tour company that fits your traveling goals and trips. To enjoy a unique and memorable trip and travel experience, we have taken our time to gather the list of the top best solo and group tour companies for traveling.

Top Best Tour Companies for Travelers

Taking into consideration of knowledgeable guides and experts, customer reviews, travel styles, and facilities, below is the list of the top 10 best tour companies for travelers.

1. Intrepid Travel


Intrepid Travel is one of the best budget tour companies for travelers in all age groups. The charitable tour company which was established in 1988 has over 1000 itineraries across 7 continents and 120 countries.

The group travel company offers different travel styles and packages to travelers whether group, solo, family, or office trips. Intrepid Travel provides 24/7 ground support, lodging, and transportation for travelers depending on the packages selected. Also, the group tour company through its charitable foundation impacts communities and destinations visited during the trips.

Are you looking for group travel companies for young adults to travel with? Try out Intrepid Travel for the best itineraries and unique tours. Check out the 10 Most Beautiful Cities To Visit In The United State

2. G Adventures


When mentioning the top budget tour companies for travelers, G Adventures is one of the best. It offers numerous adventures and traveling experiences for solo travelers, groups, and families of all ages.

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The company offers different traveling styles with little or no luxuries. If enjoying affordable trips around different destinations in Botswana, Tanzania, Cambodia, Chile and other parts of the world sounds like what you wanted. Opting for G Adventure for your solo or group traveling is your best bet.

3. Exodus


Exodus is another small group tour company that guides travelers on itineraries across the continents. The group tour company makes use of experienced and knowledgeable local guides in giving their customers a good traveling experience.

Cultural, Historical, Adventurous, and other types of traveling styles are provided to all age groups and travelers. When looking for memorable group trips, Exodus is one of the best small group tour companies with good reviews and customer service. See the Most Visited Cities in The World

4. Classic Journey


Ever heard of the popular tour operator and travel company called Classic Journey? It is one of the best group travel and tour companies for young adults and seniors. The company which was established in 1986 offers short and long traveling plans for all ages.

With knowledgeable and experienced guides, Classic Journey offers unique insights and adventures for travelers. Although exploring African itineraries and destinations is rare, the tour company offers amazing journey experiences for other parts of the world.

Classic Journey is also one of the few tour companies that offer discounts for adults with children or group travelers.

Best Group Tour Companies

5. For The Love of Travel (FTLO)


Are you searching for group travel companies for young adults? For The Love of Travel is a tour company dedicated to guiding young adults, especially those in their 20s and 30s.

The group traveling company which was established by Tara Caprel provides stress-free, adventurous, and unique itineraries. Also, longer and shorter trips that are filled with cultural, historical, and unique experiences are provided at affordable rates.

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Whether you are going on a solo trip, family, or group trip, For The Love of Travel (FTLO) has different packages for you. Try out For The Love of Travel tour company today to explore the world and make new friends. Check out the Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

6. Prior


Prior is another best small group tour company that is led by a team of creatives and professionals. Some of which are not limited to travel editors, culinary chefs, and fashion designers.

Unlike other group tour companies on our list, Prior is a membership-based travel planning company that caters to the traveling needs of its members. Apart from being expensive, it is one of the best small group tour companies for adventurous and memorable experiences. To participate in any of their group travel, visit the Prior website for more details.

7. EF Go Ahead Tours


Here is another small group of tour companies led by a team of experienced guides, educators, and historians. The tour company is established to cater to both solo and group travelers.

EF Go Ahead Tours specializes in providing unique, memorable, and educating traveling tours for their customers. See the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hotels in USA

8. Limblad Expeditions


When it comes to luxurious and exciting itineraries, Limblad Expeditions is one of the best tour companies. Although quite expensive, the group tour company provides fun-filled trips and travels to various destinations.

With over 5 decades of experience, Limblad Expeditions provides cruising tours to remote locations across the world. Also, Limblad Expeditions has a good number of photo instructors and travel experts who are well versed in wildlife, history, photography, and other exciting disciplines.

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If you are interested in exploring any of these fields, Limblad Expeditions is a perfect tour company to opt for.

9. Salt and Wind Travel


Are you a foodie who is ready to explore different kinds of food while enjoying a memorable trip? Salt and Wind Travel is a food and travel tour company that provides different itineraries and food activities for travelers. Further, the company is led by a team of food, fashion, photography, and travel experts.  Hence, a fun-filled trip with different food designs is assured.

Although Salt and Wind Travel is one of the best budget tour companies, the company’s services are limited to a few countries like Spain, Italy, France, Hawaii, California, and so on. See the Top Best Tourists Destination in Africa

10. Atlas Obscura Trips


Lastly on our list of top best tour companies is Atlas Obscura Trips. The tour company focuses on providing unique experiences in history, photography, culture, and arts through different itineraries.

Also, Atlas Obscura Trips is one of the best tour companies for solo travelers as there are a good number of local experts with huge experiences available. Depending on the package chosen, the tour company provides 24/7 assistance and supports to their customers. Although affordable and cost-effective, family and custom trip services are not available.

The Best Group Tour Companies for Travelers

As mentioned earlier, there are a whole lot of solo and group tour companies that you can take advantage of. While there is no specific best tour company as they all have their pros and cons. We advise you to define your travel needs and choose wisely out of the numerous group travel and tour companies on our list.

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