Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria (2023)

The best beaches in Nigeria offer the best relaxation and fun that tourists and visitors from across the nation desire; and are to be enjoyed at any period of the year-although June to August can be a little wet.
Nigeria is not specifically recognized for its coastline; however, It is blessed with an abundance of beautiful seashores. There are dozens of breathtaking spans of golden sand around the country.

One may be tempted to ask about the number of beaches that exist in Nigeria. There are over 50 natural beaches in Nigeria, with about 10 and more man-made beaches. Lagos has the highest number of beaches, with over 35 beach spots. This is because of her proximity to the Atlantic ocean. People of all epochs visit these beaches for fun activities ranging from beach soccer to beach boating and many more.

Nigerians enjoy vast coastal plains in its Southwest and Southeast regions. Naturally, such areas constitute beaches that make for relaxation and tourism adventure scenery to be enjoyed by visitors.

Do you desire to enjoy natural spots for your relaxation, fun activities, or tourism adventure? This article contains the top 10 best beaches in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria

1. Ibeno Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria ([year])
Ibeno beach

Ibeno Beach is one of the best beaches in Nigeria. It is also the longest sand beach in west Africa. Qua Iboe River estuary is the major estuary in Ibeno Beach. I’ve no beach stretches for about 30 kilometers from Ibeno to James town along the Atlantic coastline of Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria.

Ibeno Beach is one of the best tourist sites in Nigeria with a beautiful coastline and endless natural facilities for tourism, beach soccer, water sporting, and general boating.

2. Coconut Beaches

Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria ([year])
Coconut beach

Being a friendly-relaxed atmosphere, Coconut Beach ranks as one of the best beaches in Nigeria. The beach is attractively situated in an area surrounded by coconut trees. It’s accessible through the Lagos-Badagry expressway about 20 miles towards the border of Nigeria and the republic of Benin.

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Aptly named for its coconut trees, this is a favourite beach in the coastal town of Badagry boasting many neighboring restaurants and a view of the coconut lake that gives it a romantic vibe. It is a very nice place to relax from the hustle of Lagos life.

Enjoy the serene atmosphere, enjoy the tropical sun and take in the ambiance of the environment at Coconut Beach.

3. Bar Beach, Lagos

Top 10 Best Beaches In Nigeria ([year])
Bar beach

Lagos Bar Beach is one of the best beaches in Nigeria. It’s also one of the most popular and visited beaches in Lagos. A perfect spot for panoramic vistas, relaxation, and meeting with friends.

This Lagos Bar Beach is on Victoria Island and the fresh breeze is one of the most enjoyed features on the beach. This used to be the most attractive fun spot during festive periods because apart from the waterfront other side attractions kept the pic knickers busy during the visit.

Bar beach is a white sand beach in Lagos State that has served a variety of purposes in the history of Nigeria. It served as a public execution center of the Nigeria Army firing squad during the military administration in the 1970s and 1980s.

4. Calabar Beach

Nicely seated along the Atlantic Ocean, Calabar beach is the longest sand beach on the subcontinent. It is quite popular for its combination of adventure, sweet solitude, and breathtaking vistas.
This is one of the coolest seashores and also one of the best beaches in Nigeria. Located in Calabar-one of the most popular tourist cities in the country.

The beach has plenty of parking for day trippers and vendors that offer food and drinks. Calabar beach is quite popular for its combination of adventures, sweet solitude, and breathtaking views. To garner maximum enjoyment, visitors are encouraged to restrict the majority of their activities to the ocean.

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5. Ifoko Beach

Located in port Harcourt, Ifoko beach ranks as one of the top best beaches in Nigeria. It’s notable as being a natural beach situated in Rivers state.

Ifoko beach offers the perfect spot to soak yourself in natural wonders. Its clean, quiet, and serene atmosphere cannot be overlooked. This is just the ideal getaway spot, for you and the love of your life. It is 100% natural and bordered by huge trees and shrubs thereby creating an oasis.

6. Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Beach is a private beach located in Lekki Lagos state, southwest Nigeria. The beach is owned by the Elegushi royal family in Lekki, Lagos state. It is one of the best beaches in Nigeria that is perfect for picnics, parties, or social gatherings. You are guaranteed a fun time, maximum security, and safety at Elegushi beach.

Unlike other beaches in Lagos, at Elegushi beach anything goes, there are no restrictions. You are ushered in with loud music.
You will meet friends, especially at weekends. You are also free to bring your food and drinks at no extra cost. If you like to add more fun to your visit, you can go horse riding too just for 500 Naira.

7. Landmark Beach

Top 10 best beaches in Nigeria
Landmark beach

Landmark beach is one of the top best beaches in Nigeria that offers you an exciting time. It’s a huge outdoor space to relax and show your artistic skills.

It’s a prime beachfront destination where the sea meets fun activities and all-around entertainment.
A few steps from Landmark beach, there is a landmark hotel and beach resort that provides accommodation with a restaurant and free parking, and a bar.

8. Patigi Beach, Kwara

Patigi beach is not only a beach but also a tourist attraction destination that is located along the river niger in Patigi, Kwara State in the middle belt of Nigeria. Visitors enjoy a bounties stretch of sandy beach currently used by local fishermen.
Enjoy the smooth roads with enough curves to keep one busy and little traffic to worry about.

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9. Finima Beach, Rivers State

Finima beach is one of the many beautiful seashores spread across Bonny Island and the most visited by tourists and fun-seeking visitors. It Is one of the best beaches in Nigeria.

Located on Finima bonny island, long stretches of beaches bid you come during festive periods like Christmas and Easter and anytime within the year. Thousands of people visit the beach for a carnival during the festive season too.

In addition, Finima nature park is home to a number of species classified by interest in surveys that are also regularly carried out at the park; apart from swimming, other fun activities can be enjoyed.

10. Araromi Beach, Ondi State

Enjoy an amazing experience on Araromi beach located in Ondo State. This beach ranks as one of the best beaches in Nigeria. It’s an ideal place for a picnic. The waves are friendly and mild with their crashing. You will enjoy swimming on the shores, especially under the sun.

Araromi Beach was derived from the name of the village called “Araromi”. The village wasn’t too far from the beach. It is under Ilaje local government area, Ondo. This is a beautiful and fantastic space for relaxation or engagement in a fun-filled activity, especially since beach sand is so well-graded that you would enjoy balling and hide & sell.

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Do you want to enjoy an amazing outing and fun-filled holidays or weekends with friends and loved ones? Then choose from any of the top 10 best beaches in Nigeria listed above and make your visit worthwhile.

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